Leader in the Smart City and Resilience Space

Who We Are

Steve Crout, Founder and President of CityTech Strategy Group, leads all client development and service activities utilizing 30 years of experience working in high level positions in government, industry and non-profit organizations. Steve is a recognized leader in the Smart Cities/IoT space, and regularly speaks at key stakeholder forums.

Current and Recent Leadership Positions:

Chairman, Smart Cities Council Policy Committee – Current Chairman

Chairman, Information Technology Industry Council Energy/Environment Committee

Executive Policy Committee Member, CompTIA

Board of Directors, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Board of Directors, Clean Energy Business Network

Board liaison, International Biometrics Industry Association


Smart Cities Policy Task Force

Chair: Steve Crout, Director of Policy and Resilience Programs

The Smart Cities Policy Task Force is working to ensure leadership at all levels of government – from the Trump White House to Congress to state capitols and city and county offices – understand that smart cities and communities must be front and center in any conversation about economic growth and sustainability. Smart cities and communities offer improved livability, workability and sustainability through the deployment of smart technology. Federal, state and local governments should work to coordinate policy around the development of smart cities and communities to the benefit of American citizens.

Our Smart Cities Policy Task Force includes global leaders in a range of business and industry verticals – including for-profit companies and leading trade associations. We also have members from academia, nonprofits, institutes and government, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth of policy insight and expertise to drive our efforts.

Public Speaking Engagements:

Bloomberg Government Smart Cities Forum

Bloomberg NEXT Infrastructure Forum

Washington Post Smart Cities Series

US Congressional staff briefings: IoT Caucus, Tech Caucus, Smart Cities Caucus

NIST Global Cities Team Challenge Expos

George Washington University Annual Hackathon

Trade Association conferences such as NARUC, SCC, TIA, ITI, CompTIA, EEI, WIA, BCSE, FOSA, ICCF